Zenos Frudakis Freedom
The "Freedom" Statue by Zenos Frudakis

When I first saw the Freedom sculpture by Zenos Frudakis, I was so impacted, it sent shivers over me. This is me! I thought! How many areas of my life have I felt stuck and then was able to move on? It also brings to mind the things I still struggle with but am hopeful to overcome. It is indeed a likeness of the human condition, as the sculptor himself states as a reason for the sculpture's creation. But a dear friend of mine looked at the sculpture and remarked that although I saw the impact on a personal basis, she saw it as what I do for my clients! I am able to help free them from the concrete of indecision (and sometimes fear) and help guide them to the financial freedom they are looking for. It is a very personal journey and I am honored with my clients' trust.

This sculpture is the very vision of my practice that so effectively expresses what I sometimes cannot. A picture of the Freedom sculpture now hangs in our office and everyone who comes through our door has been impressed with its message.

My many thanks to Zenos and Rosalie Frudakis for allowing us to use their intellectual property on the opening page of our website! If you want to see it in real life, visit the Smith, Glaxo, Kline building on 16th and Vine Streets in Philadelphia, PA.

PS, thanks to Alecia for introducing me to the sculpture, and to Caroline for her wisdom and insight.

By Cindy Rounds

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